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- The full system comes with a sensor to insert on each plant along with a gateway sensor to connect the data to the computer.
Ergonomic triangle shape handling with a soft rubber texture allows inserting the device on the soil.
- The result, a device discreet and intuitive bringing modernity with a minimalist and functionality design language. The device collect data from your garden and send it straight to the app to analyse the information. A solar panel is located on the top to collect the rays and a soft ring led shows the status of the device. The moisture sensor is narrow and rounded in a copper finish which balanced the entire device.
A smart sensor system to enable a great control of your plants in real time, that is truly integrated into a modern environment with a nature style.
From a device to the joy of healthy happy plants
Functional, easy to use and keep
Customaizable, effort less use, surprising  
Nature oriented, clean design, modern, connect emotional with people
Design Attributes
Stand Out
Design language
- The home gardening market is moving to
more data driving offers. Where needs to understand your plant healthy and happiness are in high demand to engage with consumers. Smart Plant sensor is a devices more friendly focusing on ergonomics and a unique design language that goes with nature.
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healthy happy plants
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